Dåkot-ta’s first full-length album entitled, Na’Lå’La’ (meaning ‘give life’) is an epic sound journey documenting the reflections of a travelling Indigenous artist. Fino’ håya chants converge with global hip hop sounds to forge a prayer for harmony and balance with the natural world. A musical navigation through ancestors decisions and creative pathways for Matao creative potential.

Born in Coast Salish Territory (Pacific North-West of the United States) to a Matao father and Filipina mother, Alcantara-Camacho’s early musical influences developed in the underground hip-hop and youth poetry scene of Seattle. Sonically traveling through a childhood spent in Coast Salish territory, nurtured by a community of activist artists as a part of Bayan-USA, Hidmo, the Katalyst Project, the Northwest Network, Seattle Capoeira Center, Voices Rising, Youth Speaks Seattle, and the spiritual families of Tlaloktekutli, First Rain, & the Indigenous Mind, through Moana-a-kiwa to Guåhan where Dåkot-ta learned and grew the confidence to speak their contemporary and indigenous languages and back to Lenapehoking (NYC), the Turtle Island birth place of hip hop, where chants from the ‘man-made’ waters confirmed fino’ håya is the language of the earth itself.



(meaning to write/to design/to mark)
a series of original designed art works exploring the creation and inspiration of Matao ancestral/futural design as sahåyan (vessels), toktok (embraces), and ga’chong (partners) using words, images, materiality to activate the sonic expression of NA’LÅ’LA’. I feel inspired by the old ways because I know within these cultural patterns are maps to the spirit. With these teachings living within, we journey to discover our unique oneness with the natural world. The first in the series, limited edition postcards carrying a fragment of these markings, lyrics, and a download code for the album.

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All Life is Sacred is the first solo EP by Infinite Dåkot-ta released in 2015. Recorded & mixed by agentCB in Duwamish Territory, this EP features it’s title track “All Life is Sacred,” inspired by walking through the streets of Seattle asking the ancestors what the message the people need to hear. Tracks like “Where You From?!” and “Power to the People” were born from long term collaboration with ARKiology Edutainment, and second-takes of ideas from their break out Hop on the ARK EP, from 2013. The 8 track project is a nod towards the deep spirituality driving NA’LÅ’LA’, yet fiercely advocating for Matao self-determination through the end of US Militarizing and Colonizing in Guåhan, Låguas, yan Gåni.

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