Born in Snohomish Territory (Everett, WA) and raised in Tscha-kole-chy (Whidbey Island, WA), Dåkot-ta’s family are Taotao Tomhom, Manggåffan Che’, Taotao Mongmong Manggåffan Eggeng (Guåhan) and from Vigan, Ilokos Sur. Dåkot-ta is a musician, sound & performing artist & scholar. The Director and founder of the Matao New Performance Project, and co-founder, performer, and technician of I Moving Lab, Dåkot-ta works internationally to advocate for indigenous knowing, culture, language, and spirituality.

Dåkot-ta attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a First Wave Hip Hop Scholar, and graduated with a B.A. in Gender and Women’s Studies (with a concentration in Chamoru Studies). Dåkot-ta graduated with a Masters in Performance Studies from Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Advocating for the revitalization of the Lukao Fuha tradition, Dåkot-ta organized Lukao Fuha Pina’ok Tånon Duwamish in 2014, and Lukao Fuha Pina’ok Lenapehoking 2015/16, establishing sacred relationships between Chamorro and Coast Salish/Mattinecock/Lunaape indigenous communities. Their solo show ‘Guåhu Guåhan’ was performed at Line Breaks Hip Hop Theater Festival 2015 and the Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside Project in California. Dåkot-ta produced ‘Ancestors Reflections’ a multi-media ritual performance installation at GAX (Guam Art Exhibit), and was in I Fanlalai’an Oral History Project at The Festival of Pacific Arts in 2012 and 2016.


Dåkot-ta’s first full-length album entitled, Na’Lå’La’ (meaning ‘give life’) is an epic sound journey documenting the reflections of a travelling Indigenous artist. Fino’ håya chants converge with global hip hop sounds to forge a prayer for harmony and balance with the natural world. A musical navigation through ancestors decisions and creative pathways for Matao creative potential.

Matao New Performance Project

Matao New Performance Project (MNPP) is a creative research initiative innovating strategies for critical thinking and cultural practices. We honor our necesarry healing journey by renewing our relationship with fino’ håya yan i pengga’-ta (our language and cultural practices). We are currently researching fanhasso as a methodology of cultural continuum and creative potential.

Fanhasso as a creative research methodology honors and activates:

  • Remembering — fino’ håya — our ancestral language, the language that comes from within the land, our commitments to our land, our oral histories —yan i pengnga’-ta — ancestral practices, our genealogies, and the multitude of ways they are recorded.
  • Thinking — self-reflection on our innate ancestral knowing and sharing collectively, critical dialogue, culturally informed debate, that enhances and develops our cultural knowledge
  • Imagining — generating new insights by journeying inward in embodied experiences which seek knowing in the spirit of the natural world


I MOVING LAB is an evolving inter-disciplinary, inter-cultural, inter-national, indigenous creative collective with a mission to heal, promote, and sustain Indigenous people’s right to self determination through the arts.