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hu tutuna i hale’-ku

hu tutuna i taotao håya
i mamfine’na’na’ na taotao

hu tutuna i taotao Lenni Lenape
sa’ sumasaga’ yu’ giya Lenapehoking
i tåno’ Lenni Lenape

hu tutuna i taotao Cosalish
sa’ mafañagu yu’ giya Tåno-ñiha
mafañagu yu’ giya tåno Snohomish
gi senpapa’ i ekso’ Dahkobeed
gi fi’on i saddok Snohomish

hu tutuna i taotao Swinomosh
hu tutuna i taotao Duwamish
sa’ pumoksai yu’ giya tånon-ñiha
hu tutuna

hu tutuna i mañaina-hu
i haga’-hu ginen Guåhan
i haga’-hu ginen Vigan
mangåffan Che’ yan mangåffan Eging yu’
hu tutuna i mañaina-hu
sa’ i haga’-hu ginen siha
sa’ guåhu ginen hamyo’
ya Guåhu Guåhan




i sinangan-hu

Born and Raised in Coast Salish Territories of Washington State, Infinite Dåkot-ta, descends from Ilokano and Matao lineage from Ilokas Philippines and Guåhan Marianas Islands.

They travel the world sharing multi-disciplinary Matao New Performance and workshops to empower creativity, community activation, and inter-cultural solidarity.

With a decade of performing and teaching experience, Dåkot-ta has worked with artists and facilitated workshops in public/private schools, universities, community organizations, and arts festivals across the world.

An advocate of Hinasson Matao, a firm philosophy rooted in harmony and balance with all of creation, Dåkot-ta’s research supports the development of deeper connections and relationships to enhance collective and individual kåna (spiritual authority).

Photo Credit: Fresh Fruit